(पांचवीं कक्षा के लिए मैं विद्यालय की सीएमपी पहल) 


क्रम सं. पहल (नीचे प्रविष्टियों में से प्रत्येक के साथ एक लिंक की स्थापना के लिए पहल में और अधिक जानकारी दे) क्लास और विषय उद्देश्य सीखना शुरू में परिकल्पित सीखना उद्देश्य का एहसास है या नहीं


School Readiness programme :  Making the new comers familiar with School environment, infrastructure,staff members, facilities and language etc.

Class I

All subjects

 Developing love and attachment towards the school by negating the fear factor in the mind of the little students by Making them aware of the school environment, curriculum, culture etc.

 Learning objective realized.


Meeting of new parents with teachers.

Class I

 Developing  good coordination between Parents and Teachers

Learning objective realized.


Community Lunch – Awareness of Sharing

Class IV, V

EVS,Maths & Languages

  Social Awareness. Benefit of sharing & caring.

Learning objective realized. 


Values based-film shows on great personalities, good manners 

Class II,III,IV & V, EVS, Eng, Hindi

    Good Life skills 

Learning objective realized 


Communicative skill – to enhance the spoken skill. 

Class IV & V, English 

To improve the language efficiency of the children. 

Learning objective realized 


School Readiness Program-ensures a smooth transition from the home environment to the school environment- 

I  –all subjects 

Recognize the school environment,develop confidence and correlate 

 Learning objective realized


Grand-Parents Day-to develop sense of regard and responsibility- 

Classes from I to V

To honor and respect grand parents and all senior members in the society-to thank them for their service to the society and the guidance to the new generation 

Learning objective realized 


Bal-Diwas-to help children grow as responsible citizens of the nation 

Classes from I to V

To inculcate in students a sense of self-respect and self-confidence which was the dream of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru 

Learning object realized 


Excursion to a nearby place to enjoy a variety of activities that enhance their knowledge 

Classes from I to V

To enhance the healthy mental and physical development of students 

Learning objective realized 


Film Shows-to improve the communication skills of students 

Classes from I to V

To facilitate easy informal learning 

Learning objective realized 


Charity Club-
To inculcate the values of helping and caring the needy aged people  

Classes from I to V

To imbibe the quality of love, caring, sympathy and affection in small children

Learning object realized  


First CMP meeting was held on 21-04-2011 at KV, AFS, Suryalanka

Second CMP meeting was held on 12-08-2011 at KV, Machiliptnam.